Training ACCES-VR Supervisors – A Community of Practice


ACCES-VR is committed to the professional development and skill attainment of their managers and supervisors. Traditionally, management and leadership development programs have been implemented as isolated training events, often removing the learner from the natural environment in which they will need to apply the new skills they have learned. Evidence has shown that this disconnect from authentic work environments and typical daily activities often results in limited application of new knowledge.

To support not only acquisition of new knowledge, but also direct application within the context of daily manager roles and responsibilities, a community of practice is being launched to support the development of vocational rehabilitation managers within their natural context. A variety of learning approaches will be used, including traditional face-to-face, blended, and distance learning modalities, to ensure relevance and application of content delivered.

Project Activities

To provide the Community of Practice the Yang-Tan Institute and Human Capital Development at Cornell University will:

1. Provide technical assistance, consultation and targeted research to support improved overall management and supervisory skills of ACCES-VR personnel.

2. Design and implement a two-day face-to-face management symposium.

3. Provide a minimum of four community of practice webinars and networking listserv.

Funding Agencies

New York State Education Department, ACCES-VR

Principal Investigator

Thomas P. Golden

Collaborating Partners

Human Capital Development, ILR School, Cornell University