An Investigation of Trends in Charges Filed Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act


This study combines descriptive analyses with model-based approaches to evaluate:

  1. characteristics of ADEA charges, charging parties, and employers receiving charges over time;
  2. individual and contextual factors associated with the outcomes of ADEA allegations; and
  3. the characteristics of employers, along with local labor market factors, associated with ADEA complaints.

The findings of this study will shed light on the causes and consequences of age discrimination charges while identifying classes of employers that are most at risk to receive age-related charges. We anticipate these studies will be of keen interest to a wide audience, including diversity and inclusion trainers, employers, lawyers, and advocates.

Project Activities

The Yang-Tan Institute will:

  • Clean and merge Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge data and EEO-1 employer reports.
  • Conduct descriptive and empirical analyses
  • Develop three publications for peer-reviewed journals.
  • Present the findings at scholarly conferences.

Contact Information

Sarah von Schrader

Funding Agencies

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Working Longer Program

Principal Investigator

Sarah von Schrader

Collaborating Partners

Zafar Nazarov, Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne