Fits In: An Inclusive Fitness and Wellness Technical Assistance and Evaluation Program


Fits In is a technical assistance and evaluation (TA/E) project in support of the New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council's Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI), which seeks to aid in increasing community-based wellness opportunities for people with developmental and other disabilities. The goals of the project include assisting sites at Daemen College and the Research Foundation at SUNY-SUNY Upstate Medical Center, in creating avenues for individuals with disabilities to try fitness/wellness activities and helping them identify and access community-based wellness offerings.

A key component of the project is to provide instruction for fitness professionals to enhance their ability to serve people with developmental and other disabilities.


The Yang-Tan Institute is responsible for providing timely technical assistance and evaluation services through an array of both on-demand and planned activities including site visits and teleconferences. These efforts address such issues as how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to physically and socially inclusive wellness programming and how to leverage evaluation data to enhance program sustainability. Data is also being collected through a Feelings of Inclusion Survey specifically designed for the project, and a customer satisfaction survey, as well as through interviews with various stakeholders, participants, family members, advisory board members, and fitness professionals.

These efforts will enable the Yang-Tan Institute to effectively assist each demonstration site to implement a quality, sustainable program and allow the Institute to provide the NYS DDPC with a thorough analysis of the strengths of each project and promising practices for creating and sustaining inclusive fitness/wellness programming.


LaWanda Cook



New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council


LaWanda Cook


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