Citizen-Centered Leadership


The goal of Citizen-Centered Leadership (CCLD) is to ensure that people with disabilities actively participate, engage in, and enjoy all aspects of society. Participants in CCLD learning communities are leaders who are concerned with preserving the integrity of landmark advances in the inclusion movement while stepping boldly away from the traditional practices that hold people with disabilities back from full citizenship expression.

The 15 week on-line CCLD community of practice is a portal that invites individuals to explore what others from around the world are thinking and doing in the areas of person-centered planning, leadership development, community-building, employment, and organizational planning as they relate to supporting the ideals of citizenship with and on behalf of people with disabilities. This course is primarily geared for person-centered planners, service and program coordinators, direct care service providers, employment specialists, educators, case managers and social workers. Family members and other advocates have also found the course content to be valuable.


An easy to use on-line format is utilized for the 15 week course to allow participation from anywhere in the world - literally. To supplement the course, live weekly webinars are conducted to give participants the opportunity to explore core content at a deeper level through presentations and in small and large group conversation formats. In addition to the CCLD course, a variety of customized on-site and web-based Citizen-Centered Leadership training programs are available.


Carol Blessing




Carol Blessing