T3.C2 Program Evaluation and Using Data to Influence Performance

Increasingly, businesses, organizations and agencies are being evaluated based on their performance and outcomes they obtain, and extent to which they hold to certain standards in the delivery of their services and products. Research has shown that supported employment is an evidence-based practice that leads to greater employment outcomes, when certain programmatic standards and indicators are achieved and evident.  Subsequently, program data is a critical management tool that is often under-utilized in administration and evaluation of supported employment programs.  It can inform us on the customers being served, services provided, outcomes achieved, customer satisfaction, and provide an important foundation for strategic planning and continuous quality improvement.  While state vocational rehabilitation agencies are held to specific key performance indicators related to programmatic and individual consumer outcomes, often individual supported employment programs do not trend how their data can contribute to greater statewide performance.

Individuals participating in this course will learn:
1. Principles for conducting program evaluation
2. Strategies for ensuring supported employment program quality
3. Types of data which are essential to effective program evaluation
4. Strategies for designing a program evaluation model                                                    5. Approaches for benchmarking performance and establishing performance goals and objectives contributing to both enhanced local performance and greater statewide outcomes

Individuals will be able to:
1. Design and implement a program evaluation model—including strategies for tracking progress
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of their current data management information system                         3. Map how local data can contribute to statewide performance indicator data
4. Create a continuous quality improvement plans which includes performance goals and objectives, using the Benchmark SE online organizational assessment tool



June 12, 2018
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM